“Water is the driver of nature.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
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Terminator™ Water Treatment Systems

Eliminate iron, sulphur and turbidity without the use of expensive chemicals with THE TERMINATOR™. THE TERMINATOR™ can correct rusty water stains and rotten egg odors through its filtration system. Periodic back washing is all that is required to keep THE TERMINATOR™ working at peak performance.

Features include Fleck Control Valve (5600 to 2900 depending on the size of the system), Mixed Blend Media, Gravel Bed Air Injector and Air Release Tank. Systems with Fleck 5600 Controls include 3/4" bypass and systems with 2510 controls include 1" bypass. Refer to chart below for additional specifications.

THE TERMINATOR PLUS system incorporates all of the time tested features of THE TERMINATOR with the added ability to control low pH.

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